Bronco Nation Update 9/6/22

Dr. Bonneau's Communication from 9-2-22

This week is Suicide Prevention Week! Stop by to read about and see how one life taken by suicide affects everyone else in your life. If you think someone is struggling, make sure you let them know that they are not alone.

Robotics will have a 1-hour meeting in EK104 after school Monday on the kick-off details from last Saturday.

Yearbook Photos will be today and tomorrow. Photos will be taken during English classes. If you have TCC English, you'll need to come to the PAC during lunch, advisory or a passing period.

Seniors who have not taken their yearbook photo have one LAST CHANCE on tomorrow (Tuesday) in the PAC. You'll need to make arrangements to come to the photographers in the PAC. Senior English classes will not release for photos.  If you have any questions, please see Mr. Mallett in the journalism room.

Students using the tardy kiosk:  The tardy system is not only printing your pass to class.  It is also printing your consequence of too being tardy too many times.  Each 6-weeks you can get 2 tardy passes without receiving a consequence. On the 3rd tardy you are assigned a lunch detention.  Please be sure to read the pass the kiosk generates.  It will show if you have any consequences and when and where to serve such consequences.