Bronco Nation Weekly Update 2/1/2021

Dr. Butler's Bronco Nation Update



  • Spring 2021 SAT Strategies Sessions
  • We have a wonderful opportunity for all students.  We are partnering with Microsoft and Coble PTA to offer our 3rd basic app and coding class on Friday 2/12/21 for grades 7th to 12th. Our focus is working with our Corporate partners to offer classes for students to expose them to possible IT careers. The future job landscape with be changed forever since companies have decided to revise their operation strategy during the Covid-19 crisis. There is a need for qualified IT people now to fill positions and this need will grow in the future. The class is planned from 2pm to 4pm with a Microsoft instructor. The students will need a laptop or desktop for the best class experience. There is a $5 class admin fee that can be paid via Paypal or Zelle. Please contact Mrs. Larimore ( with any questions.

  • Seniors be sure to check your email for ballots about Prom Theme. 

  • Administrators have noticed that students are becoming lax with adhering to our dress code policy.  A friendly reminder:  Leggings can only be worn with a shirt or dress that meets your fingertips when your arms are held to your side.  Same rule applies to holes in your jeans… none above the fingertip level.

  • No hats, hoodies, or beanies can be worn in the building.  It’s too late for verbal warnings and these things will be collected by administration if seen.

  • If you are planning a family trip or college visit you must have prior approval through your assistant principal’s office.  You can pick up a form for your parent to fill out in the Attendance Office or your AP’s office.

  • If you need a VOE form to renew your driver’s license or for Driver’s Ed, you must sign up for one in the attendance office with at least two days advance notice.  Do not sign up for one until you know for sure you need it because it is only good for 30 days.  Check your last semester attendance first.  If you have more than 4 absences (absence failed) in any class last semester, you will not receive a VOE.  If you need to make up any attendance, talk to your AP’s office first about making up the absences.