MISD High School Summer Reading

Independent reading has many benefits:
     ● Improves critical thinking skills
     ● Improves vocabulary
     ● Improves comprehension
     ● Improves writing skills

During the school year, Mansfield ISD asks students to read independently books of their choice. With this in mind, and in an effort to promote a passion for reading, MISD recommends that students continue to read over the summer months. Athletes, musicians, and dancers know that if they did not practice their skills for several months, their skills might diminish. The same applies to reading. Research shows that if you do not read for several months, you lose some of your skill. 

There are a variety of ways to access books during the summer:

     ● Legacy High School students have access to digital books through the Legacy Library Catalog

                  - For information on how to access the digital resources, view this presentation.

     ● Mansfield Public Library (https://www.mansfieldtexas.gov/library)

     ● Arlington Public Library (http://arlingtonlibrary.org)

     ● Kennedale Public Library (http://www.kennedalelibrary.org)

     ● Grand Prairie Public Library (http://gptx.org/library)

It is recommended that students enrolled in English I, Pre-AP or English II Pre-AP read titles that deepen their close reading and analysis skills—skills that are extremely important to being successful in Pre-AP/AP English.

A list of titles to support the MISD Pre-AP/AP program can be found here.

Recommended Reading for English (Regular & Advanced)

Required Reading for AP English 3 students.

Required Reading for English 4 students.

It’s important for parents to be involved in book selections. Parents and students will want to preview their potential book choices prior to reading and discuss if the book is the “right fit” for the student. One quick way to preview the subject matter is to read reviews from online sites like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Goodreads.com. Prior to the end of the current school year, students are also encouraged to seek help from their teachers and librarians in making book selections.  As students read this summer, it is highly encouraged that they annotate their books to help them develop good reading habits and comprehend the text. Annotation directions and question stems have been provided if needed.  

Thank you for supporting reading and creating lifelong learners in our students.

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